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Johann Sebastian Bach from Johannespassion (Robert Schröter, harpsichord):
Es ist vollbracht (3,98 MB)
from Mass in si minor (Robert Schröter, harpsichord):
Agnus Dei (4,36 MB)


Georg Frideric Handel from: The Messiah (La banda, live-recording 2011-11-21):
He was despised - The Messiah (3,45 MB)
from Serse (Anette Hornsteiner, harp):
Ombra mai fù - Serse (2,33 MB)
from Rinaldo (Leipziger Barockorchester, live-recording 2008-01-19):
Venti, turbini prestate - Rinaldo (2,08 MB)
from the cantata Mi palpita il cor (CD "Il Sassone", 2007):
Ho tanti affanni in petto (2,90 MB)


Johann Adolph Hasse from the eponymous motet (recording of rehearsal Bachfest Leipzig 2008):
Aria: Aurae placidae spirate (2,86 MB)


Franz Schubert from Die schöne Müllerin (Anette Hornsteiner, harp):
Wohin? (2,13 MB)